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Has Your Dream Always Been to Have a
Horse & Carriage Drive You to Your Wedding??

If so, Harmon's Horse Drawn Carriages in Brandy Station, VA would be happy to provide one for your special day… But there is one important thing you should take into consideration when deciding to use a horse and carriage for transportation…


A horse & carriage only goes about 4 mph in town in traffic. If you wish to use a carriage you will need to have your marriage site and reception venue within a mile of 2 or each other Or all on an estate.

If you plan to go over 2 or 3 miles you must allow time between the
ceremony and reception for the horses to make the trip. If you wish to use the carriage and your marriage site and reception are too far apart for a horse & carriage what can you do? You can have the carriage reloaded after the ceremony and driven to a short distance out from the reception to meet you and take you in for your "Grand Arrival" at your party. However, there will be a reload fee, and you must allow 20 minutes to reload and another 20 minutes at the other end to unload and reset up + time for the truck to make the trip. This extra time must be planned for when setting your reception time.

Our Vis-à-vis carriages carry 6 regular sized guests, but if your gown is very full it will probably be 4 and 2 children. If you wish more of your wedding party to ride you must allow time for round trips to take your attendants. OR another suggestion is to have your wedding party have a short ride and photo op after the bride and groom arrive at the reception.


ENGAGEMENTS, ANNIVERSARYS, AND BIRTHDAYS using the horse and carriage as a surprise really makes the event special.

Harmon's Horse Drawn Carriages serve the Metro Washington, DC, VA, MD area, Charlottesville, Fredericksburg, Winchester + All of Hunt Country. (540) 825-6707 in Brandy Station, Virginia.


Picture of wagon

For more information, please call:

Meadow Acres Farm
14488 Weeping Willow Lane
Brandy Station, Virginia 22714-2344
Phone: 540-825-6707
Fax: 540-825-5127
Email: info@harmonscarriages.com

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