The White House
Congressional Picnic

The White House
Photo Sue Harmon

Harmon's Horse Drawn Carriages provided two Vis-a-Vis Carriages each pulled by a team of Belgian Draft Horses for The White House. The occasion was The Congressional Picnic for an estimated 1,500 Senators, Representatives and their families. This year's picnic had a mardi Gras theme with Mardi Gras necklaces, jazz musicians, Kermit Ruffins and The Barbecue Swingers and Paul Prudhomme, renowned new Orleans Chef, who with his staff prepared the Cajun supper.

The Carriage rides were an enormous attraction for the guests. One carriage started on each side of The White House. They did a tour along half of the Circle Drive around the House passing between the view of The White House and the East Lawn on one side and the Ellipse, Washington and Jefferson Monuments on the other. A beautiful drive.

Sue Harmon drives Dempsey & Karry by the Congressional Picnic spread out across The East Lawn in front of The White House

Wallstreet and Kiplinger Letter driven by Karen Adams takes guests on a ride on the Circle Drive.

Karen with Wally and Kip come down from the loading area for another ride.

John Moore and Sue Harmon take Dempsey and Karry to the North side of the White House to start the rides.

Wallstreet and Kip with Karen Adams at the reins make another round.

Guests gather at the yellow clad tables on the East Lawn while children play ball on the lawn.

Jennifer Korn from the White House Social Office after a ride in the carriage with Sue Driving Dempsey and Karry. Jennifer was a tremendous help in facilitating The Harmon's visit at The White House.
Sue Harmon with Dempsey and Karry and riders pass in front of the fountain with a view over the Ellipse to The Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial in the far distance.
Karen with Wally and Kip wait in front of the Ellipse.
Wallstreet and Kip with John Moore wait by the fountain for the other carriage to pass.
Guests pass each other as one Vis-a-Vis with John and Wally & Kip head north and the other Carriage with Sue and Dempsey & Karry go South.
John and Wallstreet and Kip pass a Secret Service detail on one of their rounds.
John Moore driving Wallstreet and Kip come up the hill to drop off one load and pick up another group of guests.

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