Driving Lessons

Scott D. Harmon who has worked and trained with his father, Jack L. Harmon, is now heading our training and lesson programs.

If you want expert instruction, please come out and see us.


Picture of pony and cart
3 year old Halflinger mare, 2 weeks into her training to drive.

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Driving a single hitch and a Meadowbrook cart is like having
an "Equine Sports Car"!
You can go almost any place you can ride.


Picture of log pullingHave you always wanted to know how to drive a horse? Or do you have a horse or pony you would like to be able to drive? Have you considered a second career for that outgrown and much loved pony? You don't want to part with your first equine love or child's pony, but he's doing nothing but standing around the pasture being bored!

Now here is a way to still enjoy his company out on the trails and roads -- DRIVE HIM!!

What about that draft horse colt you bought as a weanling? He was so cute and furry then, but he's getting BIG! Now what do you do? Anytime from 18 months on is the time to break him to drive. Draft horses are wonderful.

They retain what they are taught at an early age. You can turn a drafter out for a year or two and then hitch them again. Except for being a little awkward and out of condition, they will remember all of their early lessons in a very short time.

Don't let your guy stand around till they are 4 or 5. Get an early start on their training before any bad habits are formed. Send your youngster for training at Meadow Acres Farm and you soon will be driving down the road in a Meadowbrook cart having a fine ole time!

Scott Harmon have been training horses for over 35 years. If you want expert instruction, please come out to see us.

We offer a series of 6 lessons. For Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Driving. Learn to drive from Single to Multiple Hitches! The only requirement for breaking your horse to drive it that it leads and is accustomed to being handled.


Consider this... if riding is becoming a little "hard" for you...

"You can hunt till you are 60, but you can drive till you are 90"!
Picture of training class
Jack Harmon conducting a driving clinic at Meadow Acres Farm.


Introductory Class: $65.00
Each 6 Hour Session: $450.00
Due at First Lesson

Each Session requires previous level completion.
Unless can pass driving test of skills learned at previous level.

Call today to enroll or get further information.

Introduction Class:
Harness I.D
Short Ground Drive
Drive a Belgian hitched to a Meadowbrook Cart
Beginning Session:
6 Hour Classes
1. Harnessing and Ground Drive
2. Harnessing and Log Pull
3. Cart Intro and Short Drive
4. Ring Work: Cart
5. Ring Work: Cart
6. Ring Work: Cart
Intermediate Session:
2 Hour Classes + 2 Two Hour Classes
1. Obstacle Course: Cart
2. Obstacle Course: Cart
3. Cross Country: 2 Hours
4. Cross Country: 2 Hours
Advanced Session: Team:
4 Hour Classes + 1 Two Hour Class
1. Intro to Pair and Ground Drive
2. Vehicle Intro and Hitching
3. Hitching and Driving
4. Ring Work: Team Vehicle
5. Cross Country: Team Vehicle; 2 Hours

Picture of Belgin and cart
Driving a Belgian to a Meadowbrook cart.


Scott Harmon trained the drivers for the New Castle, Delaware
County Police Mounted Patrol.


Maura Schultz and Jose Baerga made their first official outing with the
Patrols team of Clydesdates
at the county’s Christmas Parade.


Drivers Are Always Needed

Harmon's Hayrides and Carriages is always looking for either experienced teamsters in the Northern Virginia area or we will train you on an apprentice program to drive our hayrides and carriages.

Applicants must have a driver's license and transportation to the farm. Experience in pulling horse or lowboy trailers, the ability to deal with the public, and be availible to work on the weekends. A sense of humor is also recommended!

For application and interview, please see contact information below.

For more information, please call:

Meadow Acres Farm
14488 Weeping Willow Lane
Brandy Station, Virginia 22714-2344
Phone: 540-825-6707
Fax: 540-825-5127
Email: info@harmonscarriages.com

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