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Wedding Photos

Bob Caswell waits in the White Vis-a-Vis to drive the bride and groom to their reception at the
Fox Den at Briar Patch Bed and Breakfast in Middleburg, VA.

Photos courtesy of the Briar Patch Bed and Breakfast Inn

Karry wants to meet the Happy Couple, Kevin and Monika Moore, at their wedding at Briar Patch Bed & Breakfast in Middleburg, VA.
Kevin is the son of one of Harmons' drivers, John Moore, and Karry wanted to meet the rest of the family.
John drove the bride and her party to the hilltop wedding site and then turned over the reins to another driver and joined the wedding party.

Nicole & Sean Bianco share a kiss on their carriage ride after their wedding at the Boar's Head Inn in Charlottesville.



John Moore prepares to drive his son, Doran, and new daughter-in-law, Kelly, as they “Go Away” from their wedding reception.

Jim Burkhardt gets ready to drive Dixie to take bride Melissa to her wedding site.

Jenny and Scott Colgate are preparing to "Go Away" in the White Vis-a-Vis as soon
as Jenny tosses her bouquet to the waiting wedding party at Oatlans Estate in Leesburg.

Credit for photos below:
Saskia Paulussen Photography, LLC

Jenny Workman Colgate
gets tickled as
Karry again thinks about tasting
another bridal bouquet


The bride, her father, and her bridesmaids are driven
by Karen Adams up the hill to the hilltop wedding site.

Karen drives Karry & Brooks hitched to the White Vis-a-Vis
at Briar Patch Bed & Breakfast in Middleburg, Virginia

Credit for photos below: L.H. Lindberg Photography

Karry trying to have a taste of bridal bouquet for dessert.
Credit for photos below: Don Harper at The Edge Photography

The new Mr. & Mrs. Peranski
depart for a ride in the carriage

Karen Adams driving Karry takes Robin and Steve Peranski for a ride around Belmont Country Club.

Robin Maresco, her father, and attendants being driven to her garden wedding at
Belmont Country Club in Ashburn, VA.

Robin and her Dad start their walk to the wedding site
Credit for photos below: Jason Keefer Photography

Nancy and Andrew being driven to the bride's parents home for their reception by Sue Harmon driving Karry.

The newly married Nancy and Andrew Collins depart from Saint Peter's Episcopal Church in the charming village of Port Royal, Virginia.

Karen Adams driving Smith Barney at Meadow Lark Gardens wedding.

Photos by Diane Stanley, officiant.


Briar Patch Bed & Breakfast Wedding Show

Photo Credit is for Melissa Guzman of Capitol Chocolate Fountains, LLC

Midge Harmon has a ride with Sue Harmon driving Dempsey & Karry
at the Briar Patch Bed & Breakfast Wedding Show in Middleburg, VA.

Harmon's Haflinger, Sally doing Chistmas rides in Horse Cave, Kentucky
with Lisa Harmon Vierstra.

The Rev. Dr. Mary Jayne Ledgerwood,
priest at Grace Episcopal Church in The Plains, Virginia giving Tom and Digger
The Blessing of the Animals

While waiting to meet a friend to go on to Robert Duvall's Children's Fund "Family Fun Day" to give hayrides the Harmon crew was parked in front of Grace Episcopal Church. Several parishioners where standing in front of the church. One gentleman came over to the truck and trailer and asked if we had come for the Blessing of the Animals. When we said no he asked if we would like to have the horses blessed. We all said certainly. He went in to tell Rev. Ledgerwood and she graciously came out and blessed Tom and Digger in the trailer. Other parishioners with their dogs and our crew gathered around for the Blessing. This added a special blessing to our day and we certainly appreciate Rev Ledgerwood's being so nice to do this. Everyone can use all the help they can get even our horses.



Christmas in Middleburg Parade

Karry plays with Brooks in the snow while waiting for
the Christmas in Middleburg Parade to start
Photo credit courtesy of Barb on the Middleburgonline FaceBook.

Brooks and Karry driven by Jim Burkhardt and Dave Yauch
carry The Middleburg Town Council in the snowy Christmas in Middleburg Parade.

Brooks and Karry
driven by Jim Burkhardt and Dave Yauch
carry The Middleburg Town Council in the snowy Christmas in Middleburg Parade.

The drive thru window at The Middleburg Bank
had a different use while the team was waiting for
the hayrides to start after the parade...
no deposit just shelter.


The Tiny Jewel Box Video Shoot
Washington, DC

Karen Adams, one of Harmon's Carriage Drivers
at the video shoot at The Tiny Jewel Box in Washington, DC

Karen driving Brooks and Karry at The Tiny Jewel Box video shoot.
Rachel Hensley and Smith Barney
Rachel and Barney winning champions at their 1st show together at Fox Chase Farm in Middleburg, VA
Rachel and Smith Barney
Rachel Hensley, VA Tech Grad student and Harmon Apprentice driving Smith Barney, a Belgian Gelding in a Meadowbrook Cart
Dow Jones and Dempsy
Dow Jones and Dempsy, Belgian Geldings put to a Vis-A-Vis Carriage
driven by Jack Harmon and Jr. Groom Jenny Harmon.


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